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Improve the English language skills you need to advance your professional career. Build your self-confidence. Get the job you want. Win the negotiation. Master talking on the phone. Excel with your next business presentation.

“English is a beautiful language which should give pleasure, not pain.”

John Humpries

One of the most important lessons I’ve learned as a trainer is to seek first to understand my students and then remain focused on their specific needs and goals. This is not only an area where I excel in as a trainer, but it is also the area I most enjoy.

International Approach

Inter-Cultural Awareness adds value to your Business-English Skills

As an experienced cross-cultural management trainer and consultant, I can provide you with the intercultural tools to boost your competitiveness in global markets. I have supported companies in their international businesses by training and developing the skills of their managers and staff.

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Top-Quality Business-English Training Programs

Based on your goals, a tailor-made training program can be designed and implemented to help you develop and practice any one of the business communications skills listed on this page. Each item listed is a training-module which I have developed and organized into themes, and these themes are presented as structured training programs of varying length and intensity. In order to best meet your specific training needs we will work together to choose the right combination of modules for you.

The language of Meetings

Learn how, with the right combination of language and style, you can make a more constructive contribution to a meeting held in English.

The language of Presentations

Are you delivering a presentation or participating in a trade fair in the near future? Then naturally you would prefer to convey your message and expertise as well as answer questions fluently, accurately and with confidence when delivering a presentation in English.

The language of Negotiations

Develop and practice any one of the following English Language skills needed for successful business negotiations.

English for financial professionals

Based on your goals, a training program can be implemented to develop and practice any one of the following essential language skills for presenting and discussing financial topics in English

English for Socializing and Networking

Based on your goals, a training program can be implemented to develop and practice any one of the following essential language skills for socializing in English:

Telephone English Training

With this training you will learn how to use the telephone more confidently and effectively at work. In addition to teaching language common to all business phone calls, this training also prepares students for dealing with situations specific to their day-to-day business telephone conversations. Training topics include:

English for Job interviews

With this training you will learn how to: introduce yourself, Talking about previous experience, talk about Accomplishments.

Writing in English

Would you like to learn to write English more effectively? Do you write in English frequently and would you like to receive constructive feedback? As your language trainer I can assist you by targeting what needs improvement and offer you clear feedback on how to improve your writing skills.

Inter-Cultural Awareness workshops and training

With my specialized Inter-Cultural Awareness Workshops you will become more aware of the cultural differences in international business and learn to participate more effectively during international Multi-Cultural business meetings, conferences, and other forms of communication. .

“Language should be simple, clear and honest. Where it is not, we need to ask why – and do something about it.”

Some of the companies I have provided training to:

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